How to tell if your computer is infected with spyware?

If you’re not properly protected, your computer could be very easily infected with different

types of malware. Other then viruses, your computer can get clogged by spyware and

adware which could significantly slow down your internet connection and bandwidth.

Besides this, these types of malware could collect your personal information which

become very serious threat. Lucky, there are dozens of spyware and adware removal tools

available which could ease up the process of malware removal.

In this article we will give you some basic information on preparing your computer for

malware removal and proper configuration of your system for future protection. We’ll also

tell you more about symptoms of malware infection, which should help you if you’re not

sure what’s the reason for slow preference of your system.

How to remove malware?

Before trying to remove any malware, it’s recommended to disconnect the infected

machine from any of computer networks (this applies to internet connection and even local

area network). You should simply turn off your WiFi networks or unplug Ethernet and other

network cables.

Todays’ spyware could get into registry of your operating system and even further then

that. This means that certain types of spyware could be activated during the start up

process, which makes them very hard to be detected and removed. If your think you could

be having this problem, you should search online for tools which are intended for spyware

removal in safe mode of Microsoft’s Windows or even on boot level.

You can always check if there are some unknown processes running by downloading

Process monitoring applications, or simply by using Windows Task manager. You should

also see the location of files which triggered these processes and safely remove them, or

scan those locations with your antivirus. Task Manager is a great application on which you

should always keep your eye on.

After this, use you antivirus to check your whole hard drive for viruses, which could be very

time-consuming task. Make sure your antivirus has the ability to check for different kinds of

malware such are viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware. You should also use

Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is integrated into your Windows

operating system. Before scanning your computer with antivirus, your should run the

update of virus signatures, so you can be protected from newest threats.

After this, make sure you tidy up your system by running Clean Up tool and you should

also run full defragmentation of your hard drives. Install important Windows updates and

update all other applications installed on your system.

Many people simply can’t see that their computer are infected with malware. Some

symptoms include slow internet speeds (slower than usual). Besides this, if your computer

gets clogged up with malware the performance will dramatically decrease, as well as start

up times.

Another symptom of malware infection is sudden and unneeded modification of Internet

Explorer. Your homepage could be changed or automatically rerouted, new toolbars could

appear as well as new favorites.


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