What Is Malware?

Malware is a shortened word for “malicious software”. Malware includes a number of different kinds of software that can cause harm to a computer or to a computer user. Computer viruses are included as a subset of malware as well as worms and Trojan horses. Dishonest ad ware that installs itself on a user’s computer without consent also qualifies as a form of malware along with rootkits and spyware. The different types of malware all cause problems for computer users, but all of them do their work in different dastardly ways. The fact is, if your computer has been infected, you need to figure out what type of malware is threatening your computer. Then it’s important that you figure out how to remove malware, before a lot of damage has been done.

Viruses work differently than other types of malware. In particular, viruses have the ability to make copies of themselves and to spread from one computer to another. Although mention of the word “virus” can inspire fear and dread in many people’s minds, viruses are not always the most terrifying type of infection to get. Viruses do have the ability to cause problems and some may even destroy a computer, but there are other forms of malware that are even more treacherous. If you have a virus on your computer, you need to know how to remove malware like this. Look online for instructions to help you remove the virus and make sure that your anti-virus software stays up-to-date in the future.

Spyware is perhaps the most frightening form of malware, at least to a lot of users. This type of malware installs itself onto a computer quietly. It may sit there on your computer for quite some time, unnoticed, collecting data about your Internet surfing habits, or your financial information. The purpose of spyware is not to destroy your computer, but rather to collect information about you, often to benefit a third party. It’s vital that if you discover spyware on your computer that you learn how to remove malware of this sort as quickly as possible. Spyware infection can result in identity theft, which is what makes this type of infection so frightening in this digital age. People who leave their computers at risk for spyware infection are simply courting disaster.

Other forms of malware include Trojan horses and worms, root kits and ad ware. Ad ware is a common form of malware that people find themselves contending with. Ad ware can slow down a computer system and cause a lot of annoying problems, which is why people figure out how to remove malware like this that is disrupting their system. Ad ware can cause significant damage to a computer’s hard drive over time ultimately having an impact on a computer’s longevity. This form of malware may coexist with other types of malware on your computer causing damage that is hard to repair.

In all cases, it is best to install anti-malware protection on your computer to prevent infection with viruses, Trojan horses, root kits, spyware, ad ware, and all of the other types of malware that lurks out on the Internet. Using preventative strategies is the best way to deal with malware. In the long run, by installing software to protect yourself from infection, you’ll save yourself time, money, and a lot of headaches.


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